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About me

I am Dawn Heerema

You know that your family doesn't need another bandaid fix. You need a roadmap to true transformation for your teen's future. That's when I step in.


I’m a parent and teen coach who helps you gain clarity on regulating big emotions and restoring relationships.


I provide the blueprint for your teen to build grit and soar into adulthood. They learn finance skills,  gain independence and grow wealth so that you can relax! 

  • I have lived this with 10 teens in my house...yes 10! 

  • I teach Personal Finance in high school

  • I coach families as a certified life coach

I listen, I teach, I get powerful results.

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Individualized coaching for mom, dad, couples, tweens or teens.  Combat bullying, anxiety, low energy, identity struggles, friendship drama, discipline, technology addiction, and much more. Personalized methods to transforming the emotions and direction of your family.

3 month program designed for parents and their teens to do the work from the privacy of their home.

The Full System Reboot: Family Edition is designed to teach your family 1. to create powerful thoughts and feelings, 2. to use body language and wellness to transform your thinking and relationships, and 3. how to get the results in life you want.


In 3 months, get the whole family on one page and moving in a positive direction again. Borrow my hope!!!

Dawn absolutley loves to get in front of groups of moms or couples and even rooms full of teens to get the message of POSSIBILITY out in the world.

You have a God-given purpose on this earth and the only thing keeping you from reaching that powerful potential you were born for is your mind!


You provide the supportive community. Then we build these bridges together!

"I'm not done with this marriage and I'm
not giving up on my daughter. This was so encouraging to me."

Empowered Step-Momma, NJ

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1(201) 292-4301

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Wealth Building Course for Teens 

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